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i warned you

22 March 1983
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Most likely all of the following statements are true:

I miss college.
Jobs suck, but I love my coworkers.
I want to dye my hair and dress punky.
All my friends have a better taste in music than me, therefore I steal their music.
I love to make things, but I rarely get past the thinking process of my ideas.
Politics is for suckers.
My plan is to eventually not have to work full time, but get to work at home doing freelance art.
I love living with my boyfriend and my crazy new kitty.
I like visiting cities but love living in the country (and therefore am screwed out a good job)
Wl*Mat will steal a piece of your soul and sell it to the devil every time you shop there.
I don't mind being poor, though I bitch about money all the time.
Church is optional but having hope and faith is most helpful.